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I'm Kirsten

I write about women solving mysteries and transforming their lives.

And I believe fun, page-turning genre fiction (aka pulp fiction) can not only inspire but also point the way to our own transformations. In a good book, the adventure, the external actions, are only the surface level of the story. Beneath the surface, the heroine is forced to confront internal challenges.


The heroine will get in her own way. Her misbeliefs and bad habits will trip her up.

Unless she is able to overcome her own internal challenges, she won't be able to succeed. Only when she finally addresses her own character flaws can she win the day and save herself.

My mission is to provide a fun, entertaining escape while inspiring and uplifting others to their own transformations.

My Books

Witch Mysteries

Murder mysteries with supernatural elements and women transforming their lives. The magical worlds treat magic seriously and are based on actual and historic practices. 

Metaphysical Fiction

These are more experimental and lean harder into the self-transformation theme. The Mystery School series even comes with worksheets and an UnTarot app.

Cozy Mysteries

Laugh-out-loud mysteries with women solving problems in their lives and communities.

Steampunk Mysteries

Yes, I went through a steampunk writing phase.

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