A Cozy Mystery Advent Calendar

Help Susan Witsend solve a murder! Susan’s the owner of the best little UFO-themed B&B in the Sierras, Wits’ End. (Also, the only UFO-themed B&B). The secret to her success? Amazing organizational skills. And you’ll both need those skills, because her charming small town has an astonishingly high murder rate. You’ve got to do something. All these murders are bound to scare off the tourists, and murder’s just plain wrong.

When Susan learns a man three blocks over was killed in a hit-and-run December 1st, she’s not going to leave all the crime-solving responsibility on the local sheriff’s shoulders. This was close. This was personal. This was murder.


Advent to Murder is a mystery game designed like an online Advent Calendar. Every day through December 24th, you will receive a lead via email to a fresh clue. The clue may lead you to another website, or it may link to a clue you can download.

But beware… Not all clues lead to the killer. Some are red herrings!

On December 25th, players will be given a web link where they can accuse the murderer. But players will have to prove their case by explaining how they figured it out. Everyone who answers correctly will be entered in a random drawing for these super-soft socks and a set of five corner bookmarks, PLUS signed copies of the first three books in the Wits’ End series – At Wits’ End, Planet of the Grapes, and Close Encounters of the Curd Kind!

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