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Paranormal News This Week! Oct. 7, 2016

Paranormal News of the Week

Welcome to Paranormal News This Week!

1) I'm not sure what to make of this first story. It has the whiff of hoax about it. But that's never stopped me before, so here goes. A hiker in the New York woods found a Blair Witch style encampment with missing persons posters. He filmed it for YouTube.

3) Is there anything more horrifying than this year's election? A professor created an election-themed haunted house.

4) A documentary about Disney's Haunted Mansion ride is in the works! (This is one of my top two fav rides, alongside Pirates of the Caribbean).

5) It's unusual for me to link to an article in a fashion mag, but Christian Dior's latest collection is Tarot themed! These gowns are spectacular.

About the Author

Kirsten Weiss writes genre-blending mystery, urban fantasy, and steampunk suspense, mixing her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

Kirsten Weiss

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