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Paranormal News! 6 October 2017

paranormal news of the week

Happy Halloween season, everyone! I got my decorations out the first weekend of autumn, because it's one of my favorite holidaysBut enough of my maundering -- onward to the paranormal news!

1) I kicked everything off the spooky season by watching Ghosted on Twitter. That show definitely has promise (and here's a link to some background on the sets).

3) Is one of your relatives a secret witch? This woman discovered her grandmother's secret until after she'd died.

4) UFO spotted flying over Yellowstone volcano. I'm suspicious of this one since there's a lot of stuff coming out of that volcano. But Charlene from my upcoming book, The Quiche and the Dead, would be all over this one.

5) There's been a purported uptick in people visiting fortune tellers and tarot readers in Italy, and some think it's due to the economic malaise.

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