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Lone Wolf is Here!

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Series: A Doyle Witch Supplement

Witches of Doyle In-Betweens, Book 3

Author: Karin Bonheim

Edited by: Kirsten Weiss

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Mystery

A San Francisco homicide detective with a secret.

Christy Pavenic is a werewolf with the strength and speed to make it in her macho police precinct. But when her power takes a turn to the dark side, she fears she might be the killer responsible for a series of savage homicides she’s been called to investigate.

FBI agent Jason Shepherd is hard on the trail of a serial killer whose kills mimic animal attacks. A specialist in the paranormal, Jason hides a secret of his own—he can see the true nature of werewolves in their human form, and he’s certain one is at the bottom of the killings.

Battling both suspicion and attraction, the two must work together to solve the crime. Desire wars with distrust as they race to stop the killer before he strikes again.

A mystery within a mystery, Lone Wolf is novella three in the Doyle Witch supplements, and the sequel to Shaman’s Bane by fictional witch, Karin Bonheim.

And Karin has gone missing…

If you like paranormal romance mixed with your mystery and suspense, buy Lone Wolf today!

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