The Paranormal Museum Mysteries Are Now Audio Books!

More audio books have arrived! The first three books in my Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series are available as audio books on Audible and iTunes, and I'm loving the covers the publisher designed!

The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Audio Book Cover

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When Maddie Kosloski’s career flatlines, she retreats to her wine-country hometown for solace and cheap rent. Railroaded into managing the local paranormal museum, she’s certain the rumors of its haunting are greatly exaggerated.

But a new ghost may be on the loose, and a fresh corpse in the museum embroils Maddie in murders past and present.

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Pressed to Death Audio Book Cover

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Perfectly pressed. Perfectly proper. Perfectly deadly.

Paranormal museum owner Maddie Kosloski thinks she has the perfect paranormal exhibit for the harvest festival – a haunted grape press. But before she can open the exhibit, she’s accused of stealing the antique press. And when her accuser is found murdered, all eyes turn to Maddie.

Solving the crime is the last thing on Maddie’s mind, but her mother insists she investigate. Does her mother have a secret agenda? And why has the local charity, Ladies Aid, seemingly gone gangster?

In this light, cozy mystery, haunted houses, runaway wine barrels, and murder combine in a perfect storm of chaos. Facing down danger and her own over-active imagination, Maddie must unearth the killer before she becomes the next ghost to haunt her museum.

Book two in the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series.

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Deja Moo Audio Book Cover

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The holiday sea