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Invisibility Cloak

Riga Hayworth in a dark cloak

The most invisible I ever felt was in a relationship with the wrong man. I should have known it was doomed from the start. He'd put me on a very obvious and very high pedestal. This initially fed my ego, but of course, he wasn't really seeing me, the person with crowd anxiety and dreams of writing mystery novels. It was a long time before he did, and the shock of it was brutal for us both.

I'm now highly suspicious of those sort of starry-eyed compliments from romantic partners. So much so that I tend to reject those men out of hand. Am I guilty of making them feel invisible?

There are times though, when we'd all like to be invisible. Like when we're speeding past a cop on the freeway or want to avoid that overly talkative acquaintance. An invisibility cloak would come in handy then.

Magical practitioners today have spells for invisibility, but they're really spells for not being noticed. In the Riga Hayworth mystery novels, she imagines reaching into the earth and pulling it over her head as a cloak. If someone's looking for her, they'll see her. But for those who aren't looking, she passes by without being noticed.

When have you felt invisible?

Three riga hayworth books standing up against a brick wall: The Metaphysical Detective, The Alchemical Detective, and the Shamanic Detective

The new editions of the entire Riga Hayworth series are live!

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