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Jayce's Snowball Spell

Being an earth witch, Jayce from the Witches of Doyle uses natural elements in her magic. And during the wintertime, snow makes a wonderful magical tool. Here's her simple snowball spell, for getting rid of bad habits and unwanted situations.

First, make a snowball (or two or three). Then think about the situation or habit you'd like to get rid of. Visualize its energy infusing itself in the snowball.  Now throw the snowball away as hard and far away as you can.  Brush any snow off your hands or gloves, turn your back, and walk away.

Three sisters. Three mysteries. Three love affairs.

In a small town where magic lies hidden in its foundations and forests, three sisters must master their powers and shatter a curse that threatens to destroy them all.

The Doyle Witch Cozy Mysteries are here now (with a free kitchen witch course).

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