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Judgment and Journeys: A Tea & Tarot Blog

Greetings, Tarot fans! Hyperion Night here, of the fabulous Beanblossom’s Tea and Tarot, where every day’s a holiday. Kirsten has kindly let me take over her blog for the nonce. (It may be a regular thing, we’ll see).

This morning I turned up the Judgment card, which is less about judgment (we’ve had enough of that, thank you internet), and more about rebirth. It’s ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, and associated with his wife, Persephone, infamous eater of pomegranate seeds. Every spring, she rises, reborn, from the underworld to enjoy the earth. (Every fall she descends, but that’s a story for another day).

In short, Judgment is the perfect spring card.

Now in storytelling, there’s something called a “rebirth” plot type. Here’s how it goes, and tell me if it sounds familiar after the last twelve months.

Point 1: An evil presence, reeking of a bad dream, spreads its wings above our brave hero (let’s just say, me).

Point 2: Our brave hero chugs along, being brave and such, and seems to be doing okay, despite the looming awfulness.

Point 3: The shadow pounces, oppressing our hero to the point of despair. Things are really bad here, folks.

Point 4: Things get worse. Ugh.

Point 5: Ta-dah! The hero breaks free and is reborn. He comes into his power, learns his lessons, and life is better.

I’m still waiting to get to step five. But I’ve got hope. It’s spring after all, that liminal, in-between time when the earth is busting out. Also, there’s more sun, which I find energizing—so much so, that I’m making a point to spend more time outside soaking up my vitamin D.

And that’s kind of the point. Because unlike the spring flowers which burst effortlessly into bloom, we’ve got to take steps. The hero in our story doesn’t suddenly, magically become free. He breaks free. There are no madcap adventures unless you, you know, adventure.

And yes, I know that may seem exhausting, but wouldn’t you rather be there, reborn, than stuck in the underworld with a grumpy Roman death god?

Don't answer that. It sounds like my Saturday night.

So, are you ready to get reborn?


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