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Paranormal News! 9 July, 2021

Strange things are afoot in San Benedetto... And if strange things are afoot in your house and you think they may have a supernatural source, you may be in luck! Next Friday night, the Paranormal Museum is hosting acclaimed ghost busting specialist, Francis Dorman! Tickets are still available, so sign up now!

And now, on with this week's paranormal news...

1) What are the "wild men?" Bigfoot? Something else? Because a Tennessee couple claims they're being harassed by them.

2) Remember that Nick Cage movie where he kept seeing the same number everywhere? I don't either, but the gist was that he was probably nuts. Or at least he acted like it. So here's a handy guide for knowing when you've crossed the border from seeing useful synchronicities and traveled into psychosis.

3) Chris Carter of the X-Files takes his storyteller's hat and explains why he's skeptical of the Pentagon's latest UFO/UAP report.

4) Man finds a witch bottle in the woods. I'd love to have one for the museum...

5) Looking for a haunted house to buy? You'll have to pony up California prices for this lovely and possibly haunted Victorian...

Flyer with image of Victorian house. De-haunt your house! Free lecture by FRancis Dormand 7.16.21, 6:30 - 8 PM. Brought to you by the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum.


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