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Paranormal News! October 16, 2020

We're midway through the spooky season, and I love that the shop windows along Main Street are filled with orange lights and Halloween decorations. (And I'd like to think the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum is holding its own when it comes to window displays).

1) Was a ghost captured on camera in American Murder on Netflix?

2) UFO activity (or is it?) caught near a volcano in Japan.

3) Postal employee reports encounter with a creature that sounds a lot like the fabled mothman at O'Hare Airport.

4) Canadian tourist return artifacts stolen from Pompeii after being afflicted by a curse for 15 years. And she's not the first...

5) Does Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey have its own lake monster?

And don't miss our Friday Fright Nights, every Friday in October at 7:00, with presentations at the museum about local legends and hauntings. Don't miss tonight's dark story of the woman in white!


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