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Paranormal News of the Week! 10 December 2021

I'm finally starting to get in the Christmas spirit (even if San Benedetto is particularly murdery this holiday season). So in the spirit of spirits (ha ha), here's my top five list of paranormal news items this week!

1) New Bigfoot footage (heh heh) has experts thinking it might actually be real...

2) Revisiting the Roswell UFO crash.

3) The connection between monsters (ahem, crytids) and bridges.

4) Ireland's Office of Public Works will be livestreaming the winter solstice inside the Newgrange Neolithic Passage tomb this year HERE. (The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum will continue to livestream at night, despite the recent hiccup in our webcam feed).

5) More winged cryptids reported in the Chicago area!


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