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Paranormal News of the Week! 17 June, 2022

-- By Maddie Kosloski of the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum

Lots of ghosts and cryptids in this week's paranormal news. But are they REALLY???

1) What causes meaningful coincidences? From Psychology Today.

2) Ghosthunter claims he tricked a famous British ghost into posing for the camera.

3) And in cryptid news, man reports a large, black-winged creature hovering above an Illinois cemetery.

4) Is it a werewolf? A dogman? Or just a weird shadow? The City of Amarillo, TX is looking for help identifying this creature(?) outside the local zoo.

5) Bend, OR pub manager shares clip of a ghost having a drink?

Flyer with image of forest and full moon. The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum brings you WEREWOLVES. Lecture: ancient legend and modern lore. Saturday at 7 PM at the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum


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