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Shelter in Place - Day 11: Susan Witsend

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Sticker on the side of a stair: bigfoot in a UFO's tractor beam

While we're trapped indoors, I thought I'd do some little slice-of-life pieces for book characters. Here's the first, how Susan's managing at Wits' End:


Shelter in Place, Day 11

Trying not to freak out that all my plans for the month have been shattered, or to worry about how I’ll pay the bills that keep coming though my guests have canceled.

It’s easy for Arsen to stay sane. He’s kept busy hiking and making “improvements” to the flying saucer on my roof. Meanwhile, I deep clean the B&B for the third time, develop to-do lists, and experiment with UFO-themed breakfast recipes.

Flying Saucer French toast?

Kuiper belt bacon?


I haven’t seen Daisy in days, and she’s not responding to my texts – not that she ever does. My cousin's probably holed up in her trailer, scanning the skies for UFOs. But what if she’s been kidnapped by extraterrestrials?

It could happen.

-Susan Witsend

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