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Tarot Reversals Making You Wretched? Relax! Today's Tea and Tarot Blog

-- Hyperion Night, Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Hand holding a reversed Tarot card

When I was young and foolish, I memorized all the different "meanings" of Tarot cards when they appeared upside down (otherwise known as reversals). And then someone older and wiser explained that they interpreted reversals as cards with their energies diminished or blocked somehow.

Suddenly, my Tarot readings got a lot easier, and more importantly, they made more sense.

Here's what I mean by diminished or blocked.

You draw the Eight of Wands, a card of swift action, and it's upside down. It's next to the Knight of Pentacles, a slow-to-act, thoughtful fellow. In this case, I'd likely read the Eight as a tendency to swift action that should be slowed down.

Or you draw the Fool, a whimsical card that indicates taking a leap of faith. Something's blocking that tendency. (My next step would then be to look at the surrounding cards, to get a clue as to who or what might be suppressing it, and if it makes sense to do so).

These aren't hard and fast rules. Sometimes you see a card and you just know. And with cards like the Emperor and Empress, which have such archetypal dark and light sides, I might use those archetypal definitions. It all depends on the cards around the reading and the reading itself.

Readings are odd things. For most people, Tarot readings are unusual, out of the ordinary. And so when we sit down with a reader, we step outside normal reality. And anything can happen.

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