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The Ten of Cups: Today's Tea and Tarot Blog

--Hyperion Night

10 of Cups Tarot Card. Joyful family beneath a rainbow of cups.

The Ten of Cups

Contentment. Love. Perfection of the Heart. Alignment with Self and Source.

I was skimming through the TV the other night, and an advertisement blared on the screen: "What's your best day?" The Ten of Cups was my best day. It wasn't anything dramatic. Just the realization that I'd become the person I wanted to be. I was running a tea and Tarot room (okay, co-running it with my business partner, Abigail). I was in a great relationship, and I knew it wouldn't blow up for some stupid reason because I wasn't the guy who did stupid reasons anymore. I'd worked, and I'd grown, and had become the guy who deserved to be in a great relationship.

Will I keep changing and growing? I hope so. Am I perfect? Of course not. But in that moment, I realized I'd leveled up, and where I was in that moment was right.

Like the Ten of Pentacles, the Ten of Cups also promises good things. It's an ending of one life stage with a promise of more to come. But while the Pentacles are about physical reality, the Cups work in the realm of the psyche and emotions. This Tarot card is about our inner state. And since the inner state effects the outer, well, the good times pour over into our outer lives as well. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card, as usual, symbolizes this state to perfection, depicting a happy family beneath a rainbow of cups.

But this card also asks us to consider that future "leveled up" life? How do we want to feel when we get there? This is an important question. So often we're focused on what success looks like, but not how it will make us feel. You may have heard the advice to act like the person you want to be? Feeling like that person is just as important when it comes to achieving your life goals. And if, as you move toward your goals, you're not feeling like that person, you might want to ask why. Are your goals out of alignment? Or are you out of alignment with your goals?

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