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Writing Updates

I'm nearing the home stretch on Never Say Chai, book 4 in my Tea & Tarot series. Set over the Halloween season, I'm having lots of fun adding in more Halloween themes, polishing the dialogue, and upping the emotional stakes. And hunting typos, a constant quest. This book is scheduled to launch August 30, 2021.

The first draft of Gnome Alone, book 5 in my Wits' End series is done, but I draft fast and spend as much time editing as I do writing, so I'm calling this book 50% complete. Right now it's in its "fermentation" phase, just sitting on my computer while I work on other projects. I like to get some distance between me and the first draft before sitting down to edit. This Christmas-themed cozy mystery is scheduled to launch October 31, 2021.

I've got three short chapters to go in this full moon/Halloween themed novellete, which will appear in a paranormal mystery anthology this fall. Since I just realized I'd only included one clue that points toward the killer, there will be a lot of editing on this one. Fortunately, with an upper limit of 15,000 words, there isn't quite as much to edit.

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