Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery book cover

The Alchemical Detective

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A Murder. A Mystic. And a Lake Monster Named Nessie.

There’s a storm on the horizon. Riga’s lost her magic, and has come to Lake Tahoe to recover and spend quality time with her new love. But life for a metaphysical detective is never that simple.

A psychic’s been murdered, and the police believe Riga has a connection to the crime. When Riga discovers they’re right, her hunt for the real killer is on.

To add to the chaos, Riga is drafted as the host of a reality TV show about a local lake monster. Juggling demons, daimons, and angry tarot card readers, Riga must catch a killer before she becomes the next target.

The Alchemical Detective is the first book in the Riga Hayworth mystery series. It’s a complete, full-length mystery that can be read as a standalone.

If you’re a fan of Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris or Deborah Harkness, don’t miss this twisty paranormal mystery, because this complicated, 40-something heroine isn’t like the others...

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