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Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery book cover

The Shamanic Detective

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Worst. Proposal. Ever. 

Riga’s midlife magic might be malfunctioning, but at least her love life’s getting a do-over… Until an FBI raid interrupts Donovan’s marriage proposal. 

Is the fairytale over? This no-nonsense metaphysical detective is determined to find the truth. 

But the supernatural has other plans for her time, and Riga is forced to protect a shaman stalked by a clever killer. And as the mysteries of Donovan and the shaman become entangled, Riga must choose between facts and faith. Just how far is she willing to go for love…? 

If you love talking gargoyles, smart mysteries, and mature heroines with complicated lives, you’ll love this midlife mystery series. 

Pick up this page-turning paranormal women’s fiction today! Because this complicated, Gen-X detective isn’t like the others... The Shamanic Detective is book 2 in the Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery series. Start reading now!

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