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Breakthrough. Personal growth. Discovery. Stepping outside comfort zones.

It’s easy to discard our dreams and get comfortable with the status quo. But personal growth and discovery doesn’t happen in our comfort zone. It happens in the zone of adventure, any kind of adventure—be it an adventure to excellence, to a foreign place, or to growth in a relationship.

And yes, adventure carries risk and takes courage. The world can be a dangerous place. But ultimately, it’s more dangerous not to confront the world and lose our souls than to step into adventure. That’s where meaning and magic emerge.

The Symbols:

A woman, bold in a red dress, has adventured through a jungle to the top of a pyramid. She’s literally stepped up, climbing outside her comfort zone in a new dawn surrounded by stephanotis flowers. The trek hasn’t been easy—she’s faced danger, and she’s overcome, proving to herself that she can.

The Questions:

What’s calling you to adventure? Where can you push yourself outside your comfort zone?

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