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Bravery. Growth through struggle. Persistence. Resistance to despair.

Courage is one of the four Stoic virtues, because it takes courage to live the other virtues. When we act with courage, fear can no longer keep us from doing the right thing, whether that’s living authentically, speaking truthfully, or acting justly. Courage enables us to grow and be our best selves. It helps us find and stay on our true path.

Courage is also contagious. After the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment which demonstrated how ordinary people could do awful things, the author, Philip Zimbardo, switched his research to what makes people heroes. The answer? It only took one person to step up and do the right thing for others to follow. Who can you encourage today?

The Symbols:

A woman in a raincoat, her shoulders set, faces an oncoming storm. Her resolve is bolstered by the symbols of courage around her – the sunflowers and the bear. She can pass through the storm, if she’s willing to face it.

The Questions:

What are you afraid to do? If you did it, where might it take you?

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