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Well-being. Happiness. Satisfaction. Following one’s purpose.

Eudaimonia is one of those weird, beautiful Greek words which we all should know (and if you didn't before, now you do!). Recently, it’s come to simply mean “happiness,” which isn’t a bad definition, but it doesn’t encompass the word’s full meaning.

Eudaimonia is the state of fulfillment and well-being we feel when we’re living according to the virtues, when we’re living according to our purpose. And it’s an understanding that our purpose isn’t finding the perfect career or relationship; it’s understanding that our job is to be the best human beings we can be. And that means having the ability to find purpose in everything good that we do, whether it’s spending time with loved ones, doing laundry, or baking a cake. Our purpose comes from within.

Eudaimonia is a mindset, a state of being. The feeling it produces—a higher version of joy—is only a delightful side effect.

The Symbols:

The goddess Eudaimonia walks at ease on a beach. A rose, a symbol of enthusiasm, love and happiness, floats toward her on the ocean foam. A bottle of pink champagne waits for her to enjoy in a bed of pink pearls, symbolizing good fortune.

In place of the setting sun hangs a nautilus shell, a symbol of perfection. The nautilus is a perfect spiral, the space between each arm growing harmoniously within each loop. It represents the ideal of human growth, our consciousness expanding alongside our increasing wisdom and knowledge. This is the most positive card in the deck.

The Questions:

Are you doing what you believe in? How can you pursue excellence?

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