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Expertise. Source of knowledge. Manipulation. Control. Skepticism.

Gurus come in many forms. They can be ordained experts, priests of institutions. Or they can be literal spiritual gurus. Some are helpful. Others are driven by the urge to control.

How can we tell the difference between the two? If experts can get at correct and useful information about the world, they’re worth listening to. But if their message is leading to blind fear or a denial of reality, beware.

It’s our job to remain skeptical and to look for evidence. Experts can be useful, but putting blind trust in them is unwise and a hallmark of cultism and ideology.

The Symbols:

On a foggy, nebulous background, a guru in white sits on a bed of tulips. Red tulips can symbolize love, power, and joy, but also danger, aggression, and anger. Like the guru, tulips can go either way. Below the flowers, one woman’s mind is being puppeteered. The other’s mind is free.

The Questions:

Are the messages you’re receiving getting you somewhere helpful? How can you doublecheck the information provided?

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