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A beginner or beginning. Starting something. Beginner’s mind. Transformation. Inspired action.

The word “initiate” is both a verb and a noun, and this card can be interpreted both ways. An initiate is at the start of something. Being a beginner can be frustrating. But it isn’t a bad thing—it means you’re trying something new, getting out of your comfort zone and into the zone where magic happens. And when we initiate by taking inspired action in line with our desires and intentions, the odds of our success are improved.

An initiation can take place whenever something important happens to us for the first time. It could be something wonderful, like a marriage. Or it could be something hard, like the death of a loved one. But when it happens, we’re transformed. We’re not the person we were before the event.

If you draw this card, initiate something new. It could be something simple like a new recipe, taking a class, or going someplace you've never been before. But do something you’ve never done before.

Start something. It will change everything.

The Symbols:

The woman in this card is taking the first steps onto a trail in a forest of birch trees, symbols of hope and new beginnings. A lotus, a flower which grows in murky waters and symbolizes rebirth, transcendence, and spiritual transformation, hovers in the air above.

The Questions:

What’s stopping you from taking the leap? How can you act with beginner’s mind? What new thing can you try?

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