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Hi. I’m Alice. Bodyguard. Divorcée... And now amateur detective?

When the mobster’s brother I was protecting got pasted by a tomato truck before he could testify in court, the internet had a field day. Memes, conspiracy theories, cable news shows… I was the butt of them all.

I’d thought my tiny hometown would be the perfect place to wait out the media storm. But I came home to find the obscure mountain town packed with tourists and Nevada’s biggest collection of “World’s Largest” curiosities. And I wasn’t even home a week when I discovered the body of a murdered man. FYI, that doesn’t make keeping a low profile easy. Worse, the murder points straight at my slacker brother.

Can I save my little brother while dodging a geriatric hitman, a sexy PI, and a persistent reporter?

A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery series that’s Stephanie Plum meets Alice in Wonderland.

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LIMITED TIME EBOOK OFFER: Pre-order Big Shot at just .99!
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"I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than a book!" - Jane Austen

I love the wit and romance of Jane Austen. But my first love was Nancy Drew. When I realized becoming a girl detective probably wasn't practical, I was determined to be the next best (in my mind) thing: a mystery writer. I love mystery, and I love spending time with whimsical characters. I hope you enjoy reading this mystery about a small town with big aspirations and even bigger characters as much as I loved writing it.

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