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New Release!

Christmas is coming… and so is murder…

It’s holiday season in small-town Doyle, and the town is pivoting from UFO tourism to Bigfoot Days. What’s the owner of a UFO-themed B&B to do? Stop the shift, of course. And control-freak Susan Witsend is just the woman to put the alien back in… Christmas?

But when Bigfoot is blamed for a mass garden gnome theft, Susan is drafted to track down the kidnapped gnomes. And then the holiday season hits another sour note with the murder of a member of her caroling group. Are Susan’s organization skills up to juggling missing gnomes and tracking down a killer in time to ring in the festivities?

Because as Susan unwraps motives and alibis, she finds herself adding more names to the naughty list. She may have to face some hard truths about her own limits and about just how far a not-so-jolly killer will go…

Gnome Alone is book five in the laugh-out-loud Wits’ End mystery series. A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with quirky characters, pets, and murder, it’s perfect for fans of Jana DeLeon, Janet Evanovich, and Donna Andrews. Beam up this hilarious cozy mystery and start reading today.

Susan’s Bigfoot Investigation Protocol at the back of the book!

My murder mystery game/cozy mystery Advent calendar! Sign up for an email a day from 12/1-12/24 and solve a crime!

The first book in a funny new small-town mystery series featuring bodyguard Alice Sommerland. In edits.

Book 2 in the Big Murder Mystery series, featuring bodyguard Alice Sommerland. The first draft is done!

Book 3 in the Big Murder Mystery series!

Books in Progress