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The Sword in the Scone


Book 6 in the Tea and Tarot mystery series arrives February 14th, 2023!

Tea and Tarot. Love and Murder.

A Tarot conference at a holistic resort seems the perfect place for Tea and Tarot partners Hyperion and Abigail to promote their business and enjoy some beachside luxury. But murder cuts their R&R short. And when the evidence points to Abigail’s devilishly appealing neighbor, Brik, and an unsolved murder connected to his past, these amateur detectives are on the case.

Years ago, Brik’s girlfriend died at the hands of an unknown stalker. He lost everything: his love, his job, his home. Now, he’s convinced history is repeating itself. He’s tried to keep Abigail in the friend-zone, but he fears another woman he cares about just may be the next victim.

As the investigation heats up, Brik and Abigail are determined to keep each other at arm’s length. But as they cross swords with the killer, their feelings become harder to resist. If these two don’t learn to trust each other, their chance at love might be cut short. Permanently.

The Sword in the Scone is a fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with oddball characters, Tarot, and murder. Buy the book and start this hilarious caper when it launches on February 14th, 2023!

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!


The Bantam Menace


Book 8 in the Wits' End mystery series arrives April 25th, 2023!

Break in wedding shoes ✓

Walk through venue ✓

Solve murder.

Reformed control-freak Susan has organized the perfect rustic mountain wedding with the love of her life, Arsen Holiday. But she doesn’t have a contingency plan for murder.

When an early arriving guest is found dead, the murder appears senseless. After all, the victim’s only connection to the family and the town is thirty years in the past. But Susan is convinced this isn’t a random crime. And as she keeps digging, she discovers dark secrets that haunt the people Arsen loves best.

Susan will have to tread carefully to avoid provoking her soon-to-be in-laws as she unravels Arsen’s past. And she’ll have to move faster than a bridesmaid leaping for the bouquet. Because a cunning killer seems determined to stop the wedding. At any cost.

If you love quirky heroines, twisty mysteries, and laugh-out-loud humor, you’ll love The Bantam Menace, book eight in the Wits’ End cozy mystery novels. Buy The Bantam Menace and start this hilarious caper today!