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Revenge of the Ziti

Murder, Mayhem, and Meatballs.

It’s been an idyllic Italian honeymoon for lovebirds Susan and Arsen, as they explore the winding streets of romantic Sicily. For once B&B-owner Susan is enjoying staying in someone else’s bed and breakfast, even if that someone else is a tightly wound innkeeper who reminds her a little too much of herself.

But sunny Sicily takes a dark turn when the newlyweds discover a body on the inn’s private grounds. In this Italian-garden mystery, any of the quirky guests could be the killer. Danger lurks around every corner as Susan and Arsen navigate newlywed bliss, Sicily’s historic hilltop towns, and the twists and turns of murder. But will they be able to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again?

If you love quirky heroines, twisty mysteries, and laugh-out-loud humor, you’ll love this short mystery, book nine in the Wits’ End mystery novels. Get cozy with Revenge of the Ziti and start this hilarious whodunit today! (A book written entirely by a natural, semi-intelligent human and not by AI).

​​​​​​​Pasta recipes in the back of the book!


Harvest of the Witch


Halloween is coming… And so is murder…

Doyle witch Karin has it all. A loving husband. Two wonderful children. A flexible career. Now that her days of fighting dark magicians is over, she’s perfectly happy in her comfortable life. But beneath the surface of perfection, cracks are beginning to emerge.

So when a witch she’s mentoring asks for help, Karin might be a little too eager to escape her routine. Until she arrives at the remote mansion retreat to find her apprentice is dead.

Exploring the fragile balance between love and longing, happiness and deception, Karin must follow the trail of dark magic to its end. But can she overcome not only a killer, but her own inner demons?

A thrilling supernatural mystery, packed with Halloween magic and murder! Perfect for fans of paranormal women’s fiction, this short read is book 12 in the Witches of Doyle mystery series and a prequel to Kirsten Weiss’s new Mystery School series. 

Coming October, 2023.


Legacy of the Witch


A veil drawn back…

All April wants is to start over after her husband’s sudden death. She’s conjuring a new path—finally getting her degree and planning her new business in bucolic Pennsylvania Dutch country. But when a murdered man leaves her a cryptic message, she begins to catch glimpses of another reality she's unwilling to acknowledge. A reality where bygone enchantments cast cryptic shadows, and the present brims with unanswered questions.

As April works to unearth the mystery, every step brings her closer to a truth she's been evading. And to a conspiracy of hexes that may end in her demise.


Legacy of the Witch is a spellbinding tale of a woman's midlife quest to understand the complexities of her own heart. A paranormal women’s fiction murder mystery for anyone who’s wondered if there might be more to their life than meets the eye…

Book 1 in the new Mystery School Series, featuring the UnTarot deck. Coming April, 2024.

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