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I write mystery novels with real, complex, and flawed but likable characters. My heroines aren’t perfect.

But they’re smart. They struggle. And they succeed. They reject nihlism and defeatism, and say yes to hope and beauty.

I know all the cozy mystery tropes (and you probably do too). So, I strive to write mysteries that are unique, whether they’re set in a UFO-themed B&B or a pie shop. And I'm not afraid to get a little experimental, while playing within the expected genre bounds.

I write mysteries with heart. Most of my mysteries do contain an element of romance, but the romance isn’t the main story, and the situations aren’t explicit.

Finally, if there’s magic in the story, it works consistently within the world’s rules and is based in the history or the reality of current magical practices.


If you like funny cozy mysteries, check out my Pie Town, Paranormal Museum and Wits’ End books. If you’re looking for some magic with your mystery, give the Witches of Doyle, Riga Hayworth and Rocky Bridges books a try. And if you like steampunk, the Sensibility Grey series might be for you.

I send out original short stories of mystery and magic to my mailing list. If you’d like to get them delivered straight to your inbox, make sure to sign up for my newsletter on the home page.

You can follow me on Booksprout or Bookbub, get in touch on Facebook, post a picture of one of my books to Instagram and tag me @kirstenweissauthor, or send me an email. I’ll answer you personally.

For TV/movie inquiries, contact Jill Marsall at:


And below's a video of an interview with me about The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum.

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