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Special Collections

Tea & Tarot Mysteries 1-3

Tea, tarot, and trouble. This quirky mystery series has it all!

Doyle Witch Mysteries 1-3

The Witches of Doyle Cozy Mystery Collection – Including the novels Bound, Ground and Down.

Three sisters. Three mysteries. Three love affairs.

Doyle Witch Mysteries 4-6

The faerie curse that plagued the town of Doyle is over. Or is it?

Doyle Witch Mysteries 7-9

The Witches of Doyle have one job…

Destroy a magical book that threatens to devastate the world.

But try to tell that to their small-town sheriff.

Shifters and Shamans 1-3

Three Doyle Witch Paranormal Romances

Riga Hayworth Mysteries 1-3

This metaphysical detective has three murders to solve. But will a devilishly handsome casino owner get in the way?

Riga Hayworth Mysteries 4-6

The Elemental Detective, The Hoodoo Detective, and The Hermetic Detective.

The Paranormal Museum Mysteries 1-3

Three perfectly proper murders...

The Sensibility Grey Steampunk Collection

Three Steampunk Cozy Mysteries!

A Big Mystery Collection

Small town. BIG murders.

Cozy Christmas Collection

Get cozy with 3 Christmas mysteries!

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