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Big Bucks

Big Bucks

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I’m Alice, a forty-something ex-bodyguard, and DNA tests are the Devil. My brother Charlie took one, and it turns out he’s only my half-brother. Our parents aren’t around to explain things, but Charlie tracked down his real father, in the fancy pants spa town the hill over. 

Charlie’s father is loaded. Or he was until someone killed him. Now Charlie, high off helping me solve a murder last month, has decided he’s going to find his father’s killer. I’m not sure if it’s pride, or delusion, or… No, that’s not fair. Charlie cares. This hurt him. Bad. 

I’m going to have to solve this murder—and fast—before his rich new relatives eat him alive. 

Big Bucks is the third book in Big Murder Mystery series. If you like laugh-out-loud mysteries, relationships with heart, and stories about figuring out where you belong, you’ll love Big Bucks. Buy the book and start the hilarious cozy mystery today.

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