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Big Shot

Big Shot

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Small Town. Big Murder. 

Hi. I’m Alice. The number one secret to my success as a bodyguard? Staying under the radar. But when a public disaster blew up my career and my reputation, my perfect, solo life took a hard left turn to crazy town. And to bodies. Lots of dead bodies. 

I thought my hometown of Nowhere would be an out-of-the-way refuge to wait out the media storm. 

It wasn’t. My little brother had moved into a treehouse. The town had the bright idea of attracting tourists with the world’s largest collection of big things... Nowhere now has the world’s largest pizza cutter. And lawn flamingo. And ball of yarn... And then I stumbled over a dead body. 

All the evidence points to my brother being the bad guy. I may have been out of his life for a while—okay, five blissful years—but I know he’s no killer. Can I clear my brother before he becomes Nowhere’s next Big Fatality? 

A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery series, buy Big Shot now. Murder mystery game included at the back of the book!

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