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At Wits' End series book cover

The Bantam Menace

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Break in wedding shoes ✓ 

Walk through venue ✓ 

Solve murder. 

It’s been a long road to the altar for reformed control-freak Susan and devil-may-care Arsen. Susan’s put her organizational skills to good use designing the perfect rustic mountain wedding for her family and friends. But when an early arriving guest is found dead, she doesn’t have a contingency plan for murder. And the killer has Susan in their sights. 

The murder seems to point to a mystery in Arsen’s past. Susan will have to tread carefully around their quirky relatives and solve this murder faster than a bridesmaid after the bouquet. Because this cunning killer seems determined to stop the wedding. At any cost. 

If you love quirky heroines, twisty mysteries, and small towns with heart, you’ll love The Bantam Menace, book eight in the Wits’ End cozy mystery novels. Get cozy with The Bantam Menace and start this hilarious whodunit today!

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