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The answers lie below… 

Book 3 in the Doyle Witch Fairy Queen trilogy. 

A shamanic witch and a poet, Lenore retreats into the world of books to escape reality. And why wouldn’t she? For Lenore, reality includes seeing ghosts and forecasting death. It also means Connor, the handsome policeman with an eclectic taste in reading. 

But when her friend dies under suspicious circumstances, she can’t hide anymore. And she’ll have to talk to Connor about more than books. Because the two will need to work together to find the killer… before the killer finds Lenore. 

As she tracks a murderous adversary through the woods and streets of her mountain home, an otherworldly menace grows. This introverted witch may be her small town’s only hope. 

Spells included at the back of the book! 

Follow the magical conclusion of the Doyle Witch Fairy Queen trilogy. Each full-length novel has its own complete mystery and romance told from a different sister’s point of view, and Bound, Down and Ground can all be enjoyed independently, with a magical storyline weaving through the three books. Read Down and escape into the enchanting world of Doyle today.

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