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Shaman's Bane

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A shaman on the run and a surly bar owner must keep a pack of wolves – and a murderer – at bay. 

A Witches of Doyle In Between 

Katherine never expected to become a shaman for a pack of werewolves, but when she needed a place to shelter, it seemed her best option. But now the pack leader has been murdered and every alpha in the pack wants her to pick his replacement yesterday. To top it all off, she feels drawn to Dean, the late leader’s son and her boss. Nope, nothing complicated here… 

The only thing Dean wants more than finding his father’s killer is to get close to Katherine. But she’s holding something important back, even as their lives—and the pack—are threatened by the murderer. 

A mystery within a mystery, Shaman’s Bane takes place after Down. The first book in this Doyle Witch Duet it contains a complete paranormal mystery/romance by fictional witch, Karin Bonheim. 

And Karin has problems of her own.... 

You’ll love Shaman’s Bane if you like paranormal romance mixed with your small-town mystery. Don't wait! Start this mysterious novella... if you dare!

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