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The faerie curse that plagued the town of Doyle is over. Or is it? 

Witch Jayce Bonheim has finally got her life back on track. Her coffeeshop’s been rebuilt. She’s got the perfect boyfriend. And the murderous magic that imperiled Jayce and her witchy sisters has been defeated. 

But when a customer dies in what looks like an animal attack, Jayce is pulled into an investigation that threatens the very sanity of her sister, Karin. Is the death something supernatural? Or is this a very human case of murder? 

While she looks for answers, trouble is brewing even closer to home. And Jayce discovers her perfect relationship may not be so perfect after all… 

Witch is Book 4 in the Witches of Doyle paranormal cozy mysteries. Read Witch and escape into the enchanting world of Doyle today! Spells included at the back of the book!

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