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Dead End Donation


Maddie has finally found her groove as curator of the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. The museum’s fun. It’s quirky. And it’s all hers. But a murder and a surprise donation—an entire paranormal collection—could change the course of her small-town museum forever.

When a valuable object from the collection is stolen, Maddie suspects it may be connected to the murder of a local PhD student. Will this creeptastic collection be more trouble than it's worth? Because as the body count rises, she must race against time to catch a killer.

You’ll love this whodunit, because of its witty heroine, twisty mystery, and touch of the paranormal. Get it now!

Praise for The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mysteries:

"Well-drawn characters and tantalizing wine talk help balance the quirky aspects of this paranormal mystery."—Publishers Weekly

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