Amy Allan of the Dead Files is Extraordinary

Guest post by Abby Normal. Reprinted with permission from her blog.

Today’s interview is with Amy Allan from the TV show The Dead Files. The Dead Files is an investigative TV show dealing with the paranormal. Amy’s partner, Steve Di Schiavi is a retired New York City homicide detective. Steve does the research into the background of the people and property of the haunted location. Amy Allan talks directly to the spirits and entities to get the details. After Steve and Amy complete their investigations they meet with the client and reveal their results to the client and each other. Amy Allan’s psychic abilities are astounding! That is why both believers and nonbelievers tune in to The Dead Files week after week. Let’s get to know more about Amy Allan from Amy herself.

Abby: Can we start with your background?

Amy: Okay.

Abby: Where were you born?

Amy: Denver, Colorado

Abby: Did you grow up there?

Amy: I lived there until I was between 12 and 14. Then I moved to Long Island, New York.

Abby: How would you describe your childhood?

Amy: I don’t know. Filled with imaginary friends? Some good. Some not so good. Ya.

Abby: What was your school experience like? I mean were you bullied or shunned for your abilities at a young age?

Amy: Oh ya. I think that everybody thought that I was odd in elementary school. I think that sensitives, even though we don’t yet know what’s going on, we kind of find each other. We gravitate towards each other. So I always had one or two really close friends. I was always a little bit of an oddball. It got worse in Junior High. That was really when I was messing around and things would happen. People were scared. That was difficult.

Abby: Did you have anyone that you could talk to about it?

Amy: Not really.

Abby: How was high school and college?

Amy: That was a very trying time. I moved to New York right after 7th grade. I was not particularly happy so I kind of rebelled and went crazy. I was definitely experimenting with my abilities then and was having a really rough go of it. I was angry, very angry. That was a really rough time for me.

Abby: When did it start getting better?

Amy: When I was about 18 things started to get a little bit better. I went to college and met some really cool people. I started to deal with my situation as far as personally and my abilities.

Abby: I read that you’re a psychologist and a bodyworker. What is a bodyworker?

Amy: I initially went to school for acupuncture and oriental medicine. Through that I went into Shiatsu. I studied that for a while and completed the training. Then I went for Western massage and Tioga massage.

Abby: I read that you also worked with at-risk teenagers in foster homes or in shelters.

Amy: I did that mainstream psychology right after I got my degrees. I was working with at-risk teens because I had been an at-risk teen, so I wanted to help.