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Vintage Witch-y Postcards

Vintage Witch Postcards

Martha Stewart started it. I was flipping through one of my sister's magazines and came across an article on vintage Halloween postcards. That was it. I was obsessed. I now have more postcards than I know what to do with, but how could I resist the cryptic messages scrawled on one side and the sexy witches and antique spells on the other?

Vintage Halloween Postcard with Witch

Vintage Halloween postcards got "big" during the Victorian era. Most of the cards I've found come from the early 1900s.

Vintage Postcard - Halloween Witch

I'm not sure why I find their simple rhymes so charming...

Vintage Witch Postcard

This witch on the vintage postcard, above, looks a bit mean, but still oh, so glamorous!

Vintage Witch Halloween Postcard

Sex sells, and I don't think it's a coincidence that the sexier the witch, the higher the price of the postcard. You can still find cards that are reasonably priced (i.e. $20 and under), but the really good ones (e.g. with the least damage and highest demand) can go for hundreds.

vintage witch halloween cards

But I suspect most of us who became obsessed with witches and all things magical got our start as girls. And who can resist this sweetheart?

Have you got any vintage Halloween decorations you just can't part with? Let us know in the comments!

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