Paranormal News This Week! Jan 20, 2017

paranormal news

Welcome to another wild week of paranormal news!

1) Ha! The CIA has admitted its experiments with psychics in the seventies.

2) And in creepy photo news, check this one out, a sort of now-you-see-it, now-you-don't. Has someone in Britain finally caught a leprechaun on camera?

3) Ever notice how when you start noticing something, you notice it everywhere? Now that I'm writing a cozy mystery set in a UFO-themed B&B, I see at least one UFO story a week. Here's the latest - mystery lights flashing past the International Space Station (and an astronaut supposedly trying to block them from view to keep the government alien conspiracy going). It's perfect X-Files material.

4) Is a trip to India on your bucket list? Then check out this article, with a hat tip to the mysticism of New Delhi.

5) And in more haunted travel, Lily Dale, NY, the center of the American spiritualist movement.

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Kirsten Weiss writes genre-blending cozy mystery, urban fantasy, and steampunk suspense, mixing her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

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