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Paranormal News This Week! 24 March, 2017

Paranormal news of the week

This week's a bit slow on the paranormal news front, but I did manage to find five intriguing articles, heavy on arts and entertainment.

1) Paranormal Romania! But of course it's paranormal - that's where Dracula's from. But it's also drop-dead gorgeous. I made up my own Dracula tour years ago from the book "In Search of Dracula." And while the Dracula hunt was fun, I was stunned by the fall colors. Think Vermont. With castles. (I was there in October). If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend the country as a tourist destination.

3) Who new Rob Lowe was a paranormal fan? And he's got a new paranormal reality show coming out on A&E.

4) If you happen to be in Ireland, there's a new art show with a paranormal theme -- Modern Experiments. People have been fascinated by the paranormal since time began -- of course art's being made about it, because...

And if you'd like to dip your toe into the paranormal, check out one of my free online courses, below:

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