Paranormal News This Week! 5 May 2017

paranormal news of the week

Whoo hoo! The paranormal news just keeps on coming. Here's this week's top-5 roundup.

1) If you thought May 1st was Beltane (a pagan fire festival), you're right. And wrong. Astrologically, Beltane is today. So happy Beltane, pagans!

2) From Kansas... A local murder suspect sought an exorcism days before the, er... decapitation. Did I ever tell you about the time I interrupted an exorcism? No? All I'll say for now, is there was a guitar and a lot of screaming involved (not by me).

3) The 1997 "Phoenix Lights" incident was one of the largest mass-reportings of UFO sightings in history. Some people are calling the rash of UFO sightings in Florida last April 25th the next largest. But no worries, scientists say aliens would most likely come in peace.

4) JK Rowling is getting heat for apologizing for killing off Snape's character. I felt bad when he died, even if he was a jerk for most of the books. Did you?

5) Did this trail cam capture an image of a little girl's ghost? This image has upstate New York buzzing... and a little worried.

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