Paranormal News This Week! 9 June 2017

paranormal news of the week

It's another week of paranormal goodness, and once again my news feed is clotted with political "witch hunt" results. Curse you, partisan politics! But I waded through the boring "real life" stories just for you to bring you true witchy and paranormal goodness! (And for even more witchy fun, be sure to check out my Witches of Doyle cozy mystery series).

1) No longer satisfied hunting albinos, witch doctors in Mozambique are now apparently hunting bald men for their ritual potions. Bruce Willis and Jason Statham, be warned.

2) The US military spent four decades researching the paranormal. What were they up to and why?

3) The movie Dark Signal kicks off with a ghost calling into a radio station. But what do ghosts really sound like?

4) I love this! The creative writing and tutoring non-profit, 826, is opening up in New Orleans, and the kids involved decided its theme would be ghosts. Their shop will open as the New Orleans Haunting Supply Company, and will sell ghost-themed items as well as works by its students.

5) Police in Wisconsin are training their K-9 dogs in an abandoned haunted house to make sure they can handle weird and scary situations. (The dogs generally do better than their handlers).

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