Paranormal News! September 15, 2017

paranormal news of the week

The paranormal news is starting to flow this week, largely because we're getting closer to Halloween and all things pumpkin-spice themed. Make fun all you like, I love pumpkin-spiced... everything.

Anyway, here we go!

1) In divorce court, husband claims wife disappears and reappears using witchcraft. If only I had that skill...

2) Riga Hayworth and I are curious about all things wine and all things Halloween, but Hallowine? I'm usually a sucker for a good wine marketing gimmicks, but I'm suspicious of this one. Still, if I lived in Wisconsin, where the wine is made, I'd try it.

3) Louise Brealey, who plays the coroner in Sherlock, is joining A Discovery of Witches.

4) Colleges have already begun their school year, and some students are headed back to... haunted dorms. It's a thing.

5) When you're writing a story dealing with magic or the paranormal, it pays to figure out how your story world works. (I confess, I don't always figure out the details up front when I'm writing, but I generally have some idea). Anyway, here's the philosophy behind the X-Files. The truth is out there, folks.

P.S., I've got an ad in this quarter's witch-themed Faerie Magazine. Check it out below!

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