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Paranormal News! 13 October 2017

paranormal news this week

Happy Friday the 13th! Unless, of course, you've got paraskevidekatriaphobia or triskaidekaphobia. In which case... Sorry.

1) Is this black cloaked figure caught on video a witch? A ghost? Someone playing a prank? At any rate, it's burning up Facebook likes.

2) A FOI request of the Cornwall cops reveals that they've been called out to investigate... pretty much everything. Zombies. Vampires. Even a french fry (that's chip if your British) stealing ghost.

3) And security cameras at a school in Cork, Ireland, record some pretty spooky happenings. The principle thinks it's legit. Do you? Check out the video below.

5) Country Star Jessie James Decker gets a Tarot reading from her aunt. Is a baby in the cards? If Tarot is crossing over with country music, it really is going mainstream.

About the Author

Kirsten Weiss writes cozy mystery and supernatural suspense. And the occasional steampunk novel. Her newest series launches this Halloween with The Quiche and the Dead.

The Quiche and the Dead Cozy Mystery Kirsten Weiss

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