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Witch's Brew! 21 October 2017

witch's brew from the Witches of Doyle

What's up with witches and cats? An article on the finer points of familiar spirits, here.

And because there are way too many of these creepsters out there, how to spot a fake psychic.

If you feel blue around the new moon, I guess you're not alone, because Mystic Medusa has a great big post on it, plus a link to a FREE Pluto meditation. Free!!!

Awesome Hippie Witch Joanna DeVoe podcasts about death, Dia de los Muertos and Santa Muerte in time for the Halloween season.

Oak trees are so lovely and twisty and... magical! From A Witch's Path, The Magic of Oak.

About the Author

Jayce Bonheim is a fictional witch and coffee shop owner from the Witches of Doyle Cozy Mystery novels.

The Witches of Doyle Cozy Mystery Novels

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