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Witch's Brew 28 October 2017

witch's brew from the Witches of Doyle

Hey, there! I'm back with more witchy news.

First, to Maddie at the Paranormal Museum, yes, my sisters and I are aware of the hauntings in Calaveras County. But I don't what you're talking about re: Doyle = Murphys. ???

And to smarten us up, some witch history! Or to be specific, a history of protection from evil witches. Check out these 17th century carvings meant to repel witchcraft!

I'm justifying including this story because of the witch pumpkin. But I'm mainly including it because I can't resist. Check out what this neighborhood has done with pumpkins. Pumpkins!!!

About the Author

Jayce Bonheim is a fictional witch and coffee shop owner. You can find her in The Witches of Doyle.

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