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Bleeding Tarts!

Now that The Quiche and the Dead has officially been launched, I can post the cover for book two in the series, Bleeding Tarts!

Bleeding Tarts, a Pie Town Cozy Mystery by Kirsten Weiss

Here's the blurb:

Val's new pies are foolproof -- but not bulletproof.

Old West ghost towns are as American as apple pie. So what better place to sponsor a pie-eating contest than the Bar X, a fake ghost town available for exclusive private events on the edge of Silicon Valley? Valentine Harris is providing the pies, hoping to boost business for her struggling Pie Town shop and become a regular supplier for the Bar X.

But no sooner does she arrive in town than a stray bullet explodes the cherry pie in her hands. And the delicious dessert is not the only victim. Val fins the Bar X bartender shot dead in an alley. Egged on my her flaky friend and pie crust specialist, Charlene, Val aims to draw out the shooter. But solving a real murder in a fake ghost town won't be easy as pie. And if Val doesn't watch her back, her pies won't be the only thing filled full of lead...

Coming May, 2018, from Kensington Books!

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