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Witch's Brew! 16 December

witch's brew from the witches of doyle

Whoo hoo! Another witch's brew!

These 100-year-old photos of a Navajo "Night Chant" ritual are gorgeous, mysterious, fascinating. And yes, magical.

And more gifts for witches from A Witch's Path - The Witch's Bookshelf. Yeah, that's more something my bookseller sister, Lenore, would be into, but let's face it, books are cozy. And speaking of cozy...

Cozy witches? No, I'm not talking characters in a witch cozy mystery (heh heh), but Hygge witches, a Danish version of a witch who's magic makes things... cozy. I'm not Danish, but I totally think I'm Hygge.

I love Patrick Valenza's art and love this spooky new oracle deck, Mildred Payne's Secret Pocket Oracle. But instead of telling fortunes with the deck, I imagine leaving random cards around town just to delight and surprise people. But considering the way things have been going in Doyle recently, it just might cause a panic...

My favorite Hippie Witch talks about Saturnalia, the winter solstice and the new moon...

About the Author

Jayce Bonheim is a fictional witch in the fictional town of Doyle, CA. Read about Jayce and her sisters in the Doyle Witch cozy mystery novels.


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