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Witch's Brew! 20 January 2018

Witch news from the Witches of Doyle

There's a part of the local woods which is covered in ladybugs every February. Every tree stump, fern branch, and moss-covered log is red with these amazing insects. So when I saw Witchy Mommy's latest post on Ladybug magick and symbolism, I had to share.

Witching on the Go - I love it! And since January seems to have become the time for getting rid of things -- clutter, bad habits -- this video on releasing what no longer serves us is especially timely.

And... astrology! From the AstroTwins, 5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Life by February 18th.

About the Author

Jayce Bonheim is a fictional witch in the imaginary town of Doyle, California.

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