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Paranormal News! 2 February 2018

News from the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

Welcome to another week of paranormal news from the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. With every ticket this February, we're giving away a magic, Fortune Telling Fish that reveals your romantic state. So stop on by for this free bonus! And don't miss our new gallery display of everything Cupid (because a winged god that shoots people with magic love arrows is definitely paranormal).

2) This is just weird. An hour ago I was web searching for "UFO forests" (due to an insistent customer who works in a pie shop) and now this pops up on my news feed: Britain's Area 51. And it's in a forest!

5) And finally, our educational segment of this post! From the Smithsonian, How UFO Reports Change with the Technology of the Times.

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional proprietor of the imaginary San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. So. Sorry. No fish. Or cupids.

Deja Moo, a Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum cozy mystery

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